Monday: April 25, 2016 (2-1)

ME Upper: (Pick One) Work up to a x2-6 @9 RPE (Load/Rep Drop) 4-6% Fatigue
Medium-Grip Bench Press:
Medium-Grip Incline Bench Press:

Assistance: (Pick One) Work up to a x6-15 @8 RPE (Repeat) 4-6% Fatigue
Dumbbell Bench Press:
Dumbbell Incline Bench Press:

12x200m with 200m jog between reps
Total: 4800m

Workout Details: Run 200m, jog 200m, repeat for a total of 12 rounds. No additional rest between rounds.

Workout Pacing: Your 200m “ON” intervals need target about 1sec/100m or 2sec/200m. As example, if your mile PR is 8min then your 200m target time is 58sec.

Workout Focus: Hit all your 200m “ON” target times. Compare your first 200m jog time with your final 200m jog time. The core of this workout is to have all your 200m jog times to be between 1sec slower and 1 second faster of each other (especially #1 and #12).


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