Wednesday: May 25, 2016 (3-3)

Posted: May 20, 2016 in Uncategorized

Part 1:
3x1600m w/ 2min rest between reps

Part 2:
8x100m sprints w/ 30sec rest between reps.

Total: 5600m

Workout Pacing: The moderate pace should feel comfortable especially on your opening 1600m interval. This workout has very little rest between intervals. Target a pace that is ~60-70sec/mile slower than your mile PR pace.

As example, an athlete with a mile PR of 6min would target 7:00 to 7:10/mile or ~1:46/400m on the moderate paced 1000s.

The 8x100m pace are controlled sprints. The rest is short. Plus, you will have 4800m on your feet by the time you get to these high intensity intervals.

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