Saturday: July 9, 2016 (1-6)

Posted: July 1, 2016 in Uncategorized


Part 1:
4 rounds:
400m at moderate pace, 200m easy jog,
200m at fast pace, 200m easy jog
Rest: No rest b/t reps & 2min rest b/t sets
Total: 4000m

Part 2:
4 rounds:
300m at moderate/fast pace, 100m easy jog,
100m at sprint pace, 100m easy jog
Rest: No rest b/t reps & 1min rest b/t sets
Total: 2400m

Workout Details: Each round in Part 1 is 1000m of continuous running. Expect each round to get progressively more difficult because the 2min rest between rounds isn’t enough for full recovery. Start Part 2 after your final 2min of rest. Each round in Part 2 is 600m. Expect Part 2 to feel very fast. Again, expect the 1min rest between rounds not to be enough to fully recover. Your recovery must occur during your easy recovery jogs.

Workout Focus: To survive this workout, you must learn how to recover during the easy recovery Jogs that are between each interval.

Workout Pacing: This workout has 5 different paces. Your “fast” pace should be equal to your 1-mile PR time. Your “sprint” pace should be faster than your 400m PR time. You pick your moderate and moderate/fast pace. Your easy recovery jog pace is any speed faster than a walk.

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