Friday: 120216 (2-5)

Posted: November 27, 2016 in Uncategorized


Strength: (Pick One) Work up to x2-6 @9 RPE (Load Drop) 4-6% Fatigue
1-3 Board Bench Press
Bench Press
Close-Grip Bench Press
Floor Press
Paused Bench Press
Push Press
Wide-Grip Bench Press

Assistance: (Pick One) Work up to @8 RPE (Repeat) 4-6% Fatigue
Dumbbell Complex

  1. Paulo Santos says:

    8 Rounds:

    200m Run @9.5 MPH
    2 Speed Squat @185#

  2. Paulo Santos says:

    Max Effort:
    380×1 (+10 from last time)

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