Thursday: 100319 (1-4)

Posted: October 2, 2019 in Uncategorized
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Strength:  (3x max reps)
Walking Lunges
Back Extensions
Glute Hamstring Raises
GHD Situps
Ring Dips

30 minute Easy Run, Bike, or Row

  1. Paulo Santos says:

    Strength: (3x max reps)
    Pullups: 7 reps
    Pushups: 20 reps
    Walking Lunges: 30 reps
    Back Extensions: 25 reps
    Glute Hamstring Raises: 15 reps
    GHD Situps: 20 reps
    Chinups: 7 reps
    Ring Dips: 7 reps

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