SPD CrossFit:
Non-Profit Affiliate for the Summit Police Department in NJ.

SPD CrossFit combines CrossFit with Running to improve strength, power, coordination, and endurance.  The majority of the exercises are “Gymnastic” movements (pushups, pull-ups, air squats, etc) and “Monostructural” movements (running, rowing, biking, double unders, etc).  No “Weightlifting” movements (barbell squats, press, kettlebell swings, etc). Currently they workouts are structured as follows:

Monday: Sprint Workout (MetCon mixed with Sprints).
Tuesday: MetCon or Aerobic Workout.
Monday: Speed Workout (MetCon mixed with Speed Runs).
Thursday: Rest.
Monday: Stamina Workout (MetCon mixed with Stamina Runs).
Monday: Endurance Workout (Endurance Runs or CrossFit mixed with Endurance Runs)
Sunday: Rest.

Paulo Santos:
CrossFit Level 2 Certification.

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