Saturday: 111117 (1-6)


10min Easy Run – 1min Walk Recovery
3 Strides (Sprint up to max speed – Walk to recover – No rest)

Aerobic Threshold:
1min ON, 15sec easy jog, 1min rest
2min ON, 30sec easy jog, 1min rest
3min ON, 1min easy jog, 1min rest
4min ON, 2min easy jog, 1min rest
5min ON, 3min easy jog, 1min rest
4min ON, 2min easy jog, 1min rest
3min ON, 1min easy jog, 1min rest
2min ON, 30sec easy jog, 1min rest
1min ON, DONE!!

Workout Focus & Pacing: Let’s use this workout to target our aerobic threshold intensity. We will target an intensity based on heart rate. Your target heart rate at the “end” of each ON interval should be no higher than 180- age and no lower than 170-age. As example, a 25-year-old athlete would have their heart rate after each interval between 155-145.


Saturday: July 23, 2016 (1-6)

Part 1: Run 1x400m at an comfortable pace. Record your total time for this interval.

Warm-up: Complete all the leg swings, dynamic drills, and 2x100m stride outs.

Part 2: 3 sets of 2x800m w/ 1min rest between reps and 3min rest between sets.

Workout Pacing: Your Part 2 time for each 800m interval must be with +/-2sec of your Part 1 finishing pace. You are not allowed to look at your watch until after you complete the 800m interval. As example, if you complete your Part 1 400m interval in 1:45 then your target finish time for your Part 2 800m interval must be between 3:28 to 3:32.

Workout Focus: How well do you feel this easy to moderate pace without looking at your watch. Use your rate of breathing to find your pace.

Saturday: July 9, 2016 (1-6)


Part 1:
4 rounds:
400m at moderate pace, 200m easy jog,
200m at fast pace, 200m easy jog
Rest: No rest b/t reps & 2min rest b/t sets
Total: 4000m

Part 2:
4 rounds:
300m at moderate/fast pace, 100m easy jog,
100m at sprint pace, 100m easy jog
Rest: No rest b/t reps & 1min rest b/t sets
Total: 2400m

Workout Details: Each round in Part 1 is 1000m of continuous running. Expect each round to get progressively more difficult because the 2min rest between rounds isn’t enough for full recovery. Start Part 2 after your final 2min of rest. Each round in Part 2 is 600m. Expect Part 2 to feel very fast. Again, expect the 1min rest between rounds not to be enough to fully recover. Your recovery must occur during your easy recovery jogs.

Workout Focus: To survive this workout, you must learn how to recover during the easy recovery Jogs that are between each interval.

Workout Pacing: This workout has 5 different paces. Your “fast” pace should be equal to your 1-mile PR time. Your “sprint” pace should be faster than your 400m PR time. You pick your moderate and moderate/fast pace. Your easy recovery jog pace is any speed faster than a walk.

Saturday: June 25, 2016 (3-6)

4x600m, 4x400m, 4x500m, 4x300m, DONE!!
Total: 7200m

Rest: 2min rest b/t reps & 5min rest b/t sets

Workout Details: Run 600m, rest 2min, run 600m, rest 2min, run 600m, rest 5min, run 400m, rest 2min, run 400m, rest 2min, run 400m, rest 5min, run 500m, rest 2min…

Workout Pacing: This workout has 4 different paces. The 600s are at an easy pace, the 400s are at a moderate pace, the 500s are an easy/moderate pace, the 300s are at a moderate/fast pace. You define the actual intensity.

Workout Focus: Establish your 4 running gears. Pacing consistency in each round is your top priority.

Saturday: June 18, 2016 (2-6)

2 rounds:
1000m at moderate pace w/ 160sec rest
5x200m at moderate pace w/ 40sec rest
2x500m at moderate pace w/ 80sec rest
5x100m at moderate pace w/ 20sec rest
Total: 7000m

Workout Details: Run 1000m, rest 160sec, run 200m, rest 40sec run 200m, rest 40sec, run 200m, rest 40sec, run 200m, rest 40sec, run 500m rest 80sec, run 500m, rest 80sec, run 100m rest 20sec, run 100m rest 20sec, run 100m, rest 20sec, run 100m, repeat 1 add’l round.

Workout Pacing: Here is your chance to test your ability to select your sustainable pace. Your goal is to select a pace that is sustainable from start to finish. If you are unable to hold the same pace throughout this workout, you more than likely selected an overly ambitious starting tempo. This knowledge is useful when considering the time domain in your next workout.

Saturday: June 11, 2016 (1-6)

Warm-Up: 800m (guess your finishing time WITHOUT looking at your watch). You pick your pace.

Main Set: 5 x 900m (alternating b/t 200m fast & 100m easy jog) w/ 4min rest b/t sets.

Warm-Down: 800m (match the finishing time for your warm-up WITHOUT looking at your watch).

Workout Total: 6100m

Main Set Details: Run 200m, jog 100m, run 200m, jog 100m, run 200m, jog 100m, rest 4min, repeat for a total of 5 sets.

Workout Pacing:

200m pace = your mile PR pace

100m pace = the same time it took you to run your 200m

Workout Focus: The core of this workout is the final 800m. How closely did you match your 800m finishing times (without looking at your watch)? Your ability to “feel” pace when your fresh is equally as important as your ability to “feel” fatigue when you are tired.

Saturday: May 28, 2016 (3-6)

3 rounds:
1x100m at mile PR pace (or faster)
1x300m easy recovery jog

2x100m at mile PR pace (or faster)
1x400m easy recovery jog

3x100m at mile PR pace (or faster)
1x500m easy recovery jog
Total: 5400m

Workout Rest: 10sec after each 100m, 200m, & 400m interval. No additional rest between rounds

Workout Pacing: This workout has only 2 paces. Pick a mile PR pace and your sustainable recovery jog pace.

Workout Focus: Clearing your fatigue during the active recovery is your top priority. You must hit your mile PR pace in the referenced intervals. Stop this workout once you are unable to recover and hit your required mile PR pace.

Saturday: May 21, 2016 (2-6)

6x200m at moderate pace w/ 200m easy jog
2min rest
6x300m at moderate pace w/ 100m walk
2min rest
6x400m at moderate pace w/ 60sec rest

Total: 7200m

Workout Details: ALL of the moderate paced intervals are at the same pace. I would recommend selecting a 200m time for your opening set about 5sec/200m slower than your mile PR pace.

As example, an athlete with an 8min mile PR would target ~65-66secsec for their 200m intervals. Every set thereafter would also be at the same 65-66sec/200m pace.

Expect this workout to get progressively more and more difficult (especially if you pick a fast opening set pace).

Saturday: May 7, 2016 (3-6)


2 sets: 1600m, 400m, 1200m, 400m, 800m, 400 w/ 2min rest between reps
& 4min rest between sets

Workout Details: Run 1600m, rest 2min, run 400m, rest 2min, run 1200m, rest 2min, run 400m, rest 2min, run 800m, rest 2min, run 400m, repeat for 1 add’l set.

Workout Detail: 1600m, 1200m & 800m intervals are all at the same moderate/easy pace. The 400s are all at the same fast/moderate pace.