Monday: 061217 (1-1)


ME Upper: Work up to x1 @8 RPE (Repeat) 4-6% Fatigue
Close-Grip Bench Press

Metcon: Work up to x6 @8 RPE (Repeat) 4-6% Fatigue
Barbell Complex

9 Barbell Row
6 Hang Power Clean
9 Front Squat
6 Push Press
9 Good Morning
6 Ring Dip

(Recover to 67% HR after each round)

Post weight per round to comments:

2k Row

Wednesday: 141008 (5-3)

ME Lower: Find 1RM
Front Squat (Regular, Bands Down, Bands Up, or Chains):

Accessory: Pick One (3-4 sets of 2-6 reps)
Arched-Back Good Morning:
Deficit Deadlift:
Rack Pull:
Front Squat:
High Bar Squat:
Low Bar Squat:
Paused Back Squat:

RE Lower: Pick Three (3-4 sets of 6-15 reps)
Arched-Back Good Morning:
Romanian Deadlift:
Stiff-Legged Deadlift:
Front Squat:
High Bar Squat:
Bulgarian Split Squat (Barbell or Dumbbell):
Lunge (Barbell or Dumbbell):
Step-Up (Barbell or Dumbbell):
Barbell Row:
Pendlay Row:
Yates Row:
Bicep Curl (Barbell or Dumbbell):

4×400 Meter Intervals.

Wednesday: 140813 (1-3)

Olympic Weightlifting: Pick One (2-4 sets of 1-3 reps)
3-Position Power Clean: (#)
3-Position Clean: (#)
Power Clean + Clean (1+2): (#)
Power Clean: (#)
Hang Power Clean: (#)
Clean: (#)
Hang Clean: (#)

Strength: 5×5 (1 Top Set)
Back Squat: (#)
Deadlift: (#)

Assistance: Pick Two (2-4 sets of 6-15 reps)
Cable Crunch: (#)
Incline Situp: (#)
Leg Raise

1 Mile Slow Run.

Intervals: Pick One
8×200 Meter Intervals.
4×400 Meter Intervals.
2×800 Meter Intervals.

1 Mile Slow Run.